Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machines

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machines

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Extra H.duty Lathe 12 ft. Unit: 1
  Height of center 600 mm
  Swing over cross slide 850 mm
  Swing over bed 1200 mm
  Swing in gap 1500 mm
  Admit between Center 2100 mm
  Length of bed 3600 mm
  Width of bed 650 mm
  Head Stock  
  Hole through the spindle 100 mm
  Range of spindle speeds 15 to 300 R.P.M.
  Lead Screw  
  Diameter /Threads (TPI) 50/2
  Tail Stock  
  Tail stock Sleeve travel 250 mm
  Top slide travel 175 mm
  Tail Stock RAM dia. 76.2
  Tapper in Tailstock RAM MT-6
  Cross Slide travel  600 mm
  Drive And Electrical  
  Main   Motor  H.P./ R.P.M. 10 H.P./960 RPM
Standard Accessories  
 Chuck Plate • Motor Pulley • Tool Post Key   Dead Centers -2 Nos. • Center Adopter   Change Gear - B.S.W-13 • Change Gear - M.M.-3